Database Facilities for LuaSQL


Dado is a package that offers some facilities implemented over LuaSQL connection objects. Its main goals are:

  • better error messages,
  • iterators to access the result set and
  • more homogeneity in some commonly used database operations.

Dado is free software and uses the same license as Lua 5.1.

Object Abstraction

The package also contains an object module which provides a way to define classes and objects to represent table rows with a minimun effort. It does not imposes a class system, it just suggests a simple one with simple inheritance:

  • objects with automatic retrieval of database attributes
  • different methods for object creation and for class definition

The default mechanism uses classes to represent database tables and instances to represent database table rows. However it is easy to define attributes that are not related to database columns, or classes that are not related to only one database table.


Current version is 1.1.0. It was developed for Lua 5.1.


Dado can be downloaded from its LuaForge page.


Dado is a Lua 5.1 set of modules which should be installed in your LUA_PATH. The distribution provides a Makefile for *nix which should be able to install the package properly.


There is no reference manual. The API is documented with LuaDoc.


  • [05/oct/2009] Version 1.1.0 released
    Adding function wrap_connection Removing check library
  • [29/sep/2009] Version 1.0.1 released
    Bug correction in function sql.quote
  • [20/apr/2008] Version 1.0 released


Dado was designed by Tomás Guisasola and Eduardo Quintão with many priceless contributions from Pedro Maia, Roberto Ierusalimschy, André Carregal, Raphael Pithan and Maurício Bonfim. The logo image was made by Carla Ourofino.

Dado was developed for PUC-Rio which holds its copyright. It was implemented by Tomás Guisasola.

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